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Fat Injections

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A popular alternative to injectable fillers, fat transfer—also known as micro-lipoinjection—plumps up facial features, using your own fat. It is a safe, natural and non-allergenic procedure that can create more fullness and volume in your cheeks, lips, and chin, restoring and maintaining a youthful appearance to the face. Lines and folds in the face can also improve as well as the quality of the skin. Stem cells and proteins in the fat are probably also responsible for this. Fat transfer can also be used to correct atrophic aging of the hands neck and lips. Best of all, fat transfers can last for many years.

How does it work?

In many cases, fat is liposuctioned from your thighs, abdomen, or buttocks, and then transferred to the treatment area(s). Before the procedure takes place, all areas are numbed with a local anesthetic. Once removed, the fat is processed to remove excess fluids and then reinjected using another needle. This process is repeated until the desired correction has been achieved.

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